Jason Middlebrook’s Paintings on Planks

Jason Middlebrook is described by Artforum as having a “long-standing interest in decaying landscape and nature/culture clashes”. And from the looks of his work, which usually incorporate discarded objects and leftover debris, the Michigan-born, New York-based artist does seem to have a penchant for searching in unlikely places for his artistic mediums.

Bet it recycled material or trash, Jason believes that these objects have had a history and still have a future. As such, most of his paintings are acrylic on old pieces of beech wood, black walnut, redwood, and maple plank. His latest ones, with titles like “Once again a version of nature through my eyes” and “Finding square” showcase just how something old and discarded can be made new and valuable again.

More information at www.jasonmiddlebrook.com