Ana Tijoux: La Bala

Listen to “La Bala” here

      1. Ana Tijoux - La Bala


Ana Tijoux‘s follow up album to her 2010 Grammy-nominated breakthrough debut, 1977 is a marching band of sounds. The twin-titled track, “La Bala” showcases that spry tongue of the Chilean rapper, which first grabbed our attention two years ago. Her bewitching flows met with a small assembly orchestra of brass and strings, adds even more texture to her smoky raps. The beautiful aftermath is a cooly dramatic view of hip-hop expressed in a majestic brew of layers.

No need for a background in Español. Any ear can understand the lavish artistry of one of the most innovative Latin musicians at the moment transcended at genre and country lines alike.

Check out the video for her lead single, “Shock.” Enjoy!