Its On with Alexa Chung

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Everyone’s talking about “It’s On” with Alexa Chung! And why not, any reason to talk about the laid back British Style Icon Beauty, is a good chance for me. The girl has got it going on and there is no doubt in that. Chung’s new show on MTV is a good step in the future of TV. Young fashionistas hosting fully interactive shows, whether through Twitter or Click and buy wardrobe options, its how the younger generation want to watch tv. Her killer style is now available directly for purchase on MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog. After doing some research on the show and Chung’s style some very shocking news surfaced about the young star, The Cut threw into their review that Alexa Chung is the lovechild of Ellen DeGeneres and Laim Gallagher, umm not an easy one to swallow! Those news came from left feild, I had no idea!

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