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Iamamiwhoami Goods

      1. Goods



In what feels like an austere sacredness, numerics, alphabets and small animals are the goods of the recent musical installment, Kin (Cooperative Music), by the elusive identity of Iamamiwhoami aka, Jonna Lee (self-produced w/ Claes Björklund). Adhering to her unannounced appearances and “who am I” image, Lee prepares to release her audiovisual project on September 4th with her latest sound of Swede genes, fragmented characters, and sharp compositions for a synth-pop, dream drop. Highlighting her vocal layers, “Goods” rolls out with a recurring sound that pulsates beyond its three minutes and into a motionless aftermath: track digestion (as with all the work off her label, To Whom it May Concern). Noted as the Gaga of Sweden or the Lana of dream-pop, Lee’s beat brilliance surpasses comparisons as she marks her own territory.


Stark and monotone but caustic, “Goods” is a safe gateway into further daring tracks on the album. The vocal penetration folds in sensitive lyrics resulting over a whiplash beat. Protective gear and amps not included. And for those who have not tuned in to her 15 million-viewers material, be sure to catch her preview for Kin here.