I Will Get you the Moon [Madrid]

Suspended Moon installation from construction cranes by Urban artist SpY

To mark the celebration of the 50th anniversary of man’s landing on the moon (last summer 2019), urban artist SpY reproduced a first-quarter moon (waxing crescent) – which he installed on one of the construction cranes of the fifth tower of the Caleido complex, in the north of Madrid.

The aim of the installation was to get passers-by involved in their city. Artistic representations like these make citizens artists, and artists citizens. They stimulate surprise, encounter, reflection; in short, they make art public for the benefit of all.

SpY’s proposal has been designed for Madrid locals as well as visitors of all ages who will be able to enjoy the work in a playful and direct manner, a milestone thus being created as well as a memorable experience through the gentle transformation of urban space.

Given the size of the cranes and buildings, the challenge posed was to create a moon large enough to stand out against the 4 towers and which could be seen from different parts of the city.

The solution was to make an inflatable nylon moon with double stitching. It is kept inflated thanks to electric motors constantly pumping air inside and is illuminated using a high intensity LED system.