Flourist, Dedicated to all who Loves Bread [Vancouver]

Located in Vancouver, Flourist is a stunning retail bakery and flour mill working to help ensure farming remains a family business in Canada. Owners and founders Janna Bishop and Shira McDermott first founded Grains in 2014 as Vancouver’s first and only artisan flour mill and as Canada’s only source of 100-per-cent traceable grains, beans and freshly milled flours.

Conceived by interior designer studio Ste Marie, the interiors the Mill + Bakery highlights abundance and warmth with a straightforward approach. A palette of malty tones taken from Flourist’s grains and pulses, enveloping the space like a field of wheat.

In front, there is large community table with a small sink that is intended to allow for bread-making workshops. The dowelled shelves at the retail space extend in front of the window, allowing the bounty to creep into the public realm, to invite curious onlookers to come inside.

Backing the space is the functional flour mill–a clear articulation of the transparency that informs Flourist–uninterested in the delineations between design and function.

Their design for the Flourist Mill + Bakery adduces the nourishment of art, presented as a loaf of bread.

Photography by Conrad Brown
Styling by Kate Richard.

3433 Commercial Street in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada