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Human subjects by Rob Woodcox

Like many artists, Rob Woodcox uses photography as a way of storytelling. He talks about raising consciousness on environmental issues, adoption, queer identity, body positivity, and racial diversity.

However, the American artist took the chance to not only tell stories through his photography but to develop his work into a dedication for advocacy and making strained voices heard. The artist uses his photos to educate people but he also started teaching workshops. Rob has taught thousands of students in over 15 countries worldwide.

In his photos, he is placing humans as subjects in nature or urban environments, mostly being connected to each other or disconnected. The diverse range of skin colors mixed with the surroundings creates a beautiful color palette as if it’s been painted.

Most of the photos contain incredible posing by the models that make them almost inhuman or part of the environment. Rob’s way of educating is inspiring, much appreciated and hopefully spreads the message of these strained voices all over the world.