The Fun Banana Peels Ceramics of Koji Kasatani

Japanese artist Koji Kasatani specializing in ceramic has a fun obsession in the banana peel. Perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols of humor.

The 55-year old Kasatani uses ceramic to meticulously recreate the shape and color of banana peels, all the while being faithful to the discoloration of the peel that results from a process called enzymatic browning.

Although the resulting ceramic is rendered in incredible realism, the artist takes his subject a step further, arranging one, two and sometimes numerous peels in surrealistic form. Some strike poses while others try to imitate the human experience.

And Kasatani is, essentially, interested in garbage. Things with a past that are no longer able to command our attention, spark joy for the artist.

Kasatani is able to take discarded objects like banana peels, apply his craft, and then force us to look at it once again.