House of Jeudi Comp

House of Jeudi Compilation

As a mistress in our lives, disco has been the escape route from all other sonic things. For David Magnier, it’s been the driving force to his every adventure. When he decided to bridge the gap between business and passion, he called upon his industry colleagues to craft a timeless compilation of music the way only label bosses can.


In this light, House of Jeudi was born: a twelve-track bundle of unprecedented original material featuring world-class HNNY, Monitor 66, Roberto Rodriguez among a float of emerging artists. Hand chosen to delight your omnivorous appetite for deep waves in a joint venture between House of Disco Records and JEUDI Records – two trusted european selectors.


Listen below to the full release. Like, repost or comment on your favorite track to enter a draw for the unreleased vinyl version or download directly from



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