Hotel Crush at Dimora delle Balze [Italy]

Purchased in September 2009, Dimora delle Balze is a 1800 estate in Noto, Italy designed by Draga Obradovic and Stefano Guidotti. Time seems to have passed in this stunning boutique hotel, the walls, the floors, the ceilings tell stories full of charm, scented with Mediterranean, eager to be heard.

The perfect place for a magical event with its 11 rooms, which can vary in size, from 20 square meters to 45 square meters, each with different designs and colors, designed for that particular room, each with a concept and a story to tell …

The estate has a large quadrangular courtyard where, on the left side, the rooms facing the farmer’s house, warehouses and stables overlook the estate.

In the right wing instead, an ancient gate leads to the main house. Inside, the numerous rooms of which it is composed, still present the suggestive and authentic vintage frescoes of the Risorgimento brought back to their original splendor.

Finally, the manor garden, formerly embellished with stone benches, today houses the remains of the classic pre-existing columns and terraces set up with armchairs and design objects chosen to measure.

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A few kilometers from Dimora delle Balze you will find the wonderful UNESCO heritage city of Palazzolo Acreide and you will realize that the entire province of Syracuse holds priceless treasures of art and beauty.