Floral Artist Lewis Miller Stunning Blooms with his ‘Flower Flashes’ [New York]

Floral artist Lewis Miller and his talented team arrange beautiful blooms in the most unexpected places in New York City. For nearly 3 years with his company, Lewis Miller Design, they worked on a very cleaver guerrilla marketing campaign: “flower flashes”, where they transformed trash cans into larger-than-life flower vases and used blooms to embellish the streets of New York, as well as the subways as public art.

For their latest “flower flashes” project they turned one of the city’s last phone booths (on the Upper West Side) into an overflowing array of gorgeous flowers. Set against the backdrop of brick buildings and street lights, the colorful display surely brightened the day of anyone who passed by the impermanent installation.

The concept for “flower flashes” was built on Miller’s desire to “create an emotional response through flowers” and to “gift the people of New York the same experience he gives his paying clients.” All of the blooms used in the installations are repurposed from the company’s events, at which point they are turned over to city dwellers. Once a “flower flash” is assembled, Miller and his team leave it to others to either admire it or take a flower. Usually, the arrangements are gone within a few hours (or sometimes sooner)—a fact that also makes them so special.