Hard to be more Trendy than Molly Scannell Collages!

Using some of the trendiest graphic design treatments, Molly Scannell from A-Collage has some amazing mixed-media collages on her instagram. When she look at an image, she sees it for what it can become.

And it’s paying off. She had success making art for Cartier, YouTube, Jungle Magazine and Adobe to name a few. Along with several gallery exhibitions around the world and a few private commissions. We LOVE her art, and would love to see talented collage artist like Molly more often!!

“Realism is riddled with anxiety-induced pressure. I prefer collage.”

“I manipulate to expand the story, creating digitally and in real life with keys and clicks and scissors and glue.
I often distort or erase faces. Replace identity with landscapes, color and shape. This allows viewers to bring their own impressions.”