Richard Wilkinson’s Star Wars Insects

British artist and illustrator, Richard Wilkinson has been working for a while on his “Arthropoda Iconicus” series. An illustration project to turn famous characters, ships, and creatures from Star Wars into a stunning collection of insects. His project was born out of a fascination with collecting, cataloguing and classifying. It draws inspiration from classic Natural History illustration but explores the subjects that we love to collect and classify from the modern world: Films, TV, Video Games, Comics and so on…

Each beetle and bug from the series not only uses Star Wars as an inspiration for colorful camouflage—although some are more obvious than others—but also comes complete with genus, family, and species names to complete the imaginary insect.

Insects From A Far Away Galaxy:

These 10 images are a preview his full series of more than 60+ illustrations that was released as a book last year, published by Juliet Press.