Graffiti6 : Stare Into The Sun

Here’s a little gem that I came across recently and immediately was entangled in its soulful sound.  The hot British indie-pop outfit known as Graffiti6 is a somewhat of a new development but by no means are its components anything short of talent, from the infectious soul bitten vocals delivered by singer/songwriter Jamie Scott to the beyond fresh up-tempo beat brought to us by DJ/producer Tommy D. Tommy D having worked with the likes of everyone from Right Said Fred to Jay Z to Janet Jackson has quite the repertoire to complement his crisp production. As for Jamie Scott, although his lyrical skill speaks for themselves, his past project, Jamie Scott and the Town, which toured with Alicia Keys as well as Kelly Clarkson, drew a substantial following across seas, and albeit it’s not as pop infused feel is definitely relevant having much to do with the evolution of his voice and sound. The duo gained quite the recognition from the music world with their debut single ‘Annie You Save Me’ and now with ‘Stare Into the Sun’ not only stirring up even more buzz but putting on display the versatility of their sound, loaded with funk, soul, dance, pop, and overall vintage feel that captures your attention within the first seconds of the record. I expect big things out of these two in the not so distant future, for now, just enjoy this summertime soul jam that really is “full of color”.

Listen to ‘Stare Into The Sun’ here

      1. Stare Into the Sun