Gouache CGI Paintings by Kazuki Takamatsu


On first look you may just think the work of Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu are simply CGI models under the X Ray machine, but on closer viewing you realize that the works are in fact gouache (the method of mixing watercolor pigment with an opaque white pigment in a watercolor vehicle). Takamatsu mixes traditional and modern techniques, from one hand he uses gouache, hand painted monochromed based objects whilst from the other hand he uses “Depth Map” a technique where every pixel on the object is a shade of gray that is proportional to its distance from the object looking at it. The match of these two techniques give a real sense of surrealism, dark fairy tale computer workd and astonishing depth.


He is a graduate from Tohoku University of Art and Design and his stenciled Manga-esque figures seem stunningly dimensional even though we consciously realize they’re flat. More of his information and artworks can be found at Gallery Tomura Page and his own personal site.








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