Glasser : Home

Cameron Mesirow is Glasser, a one-woman harmonic show. Her label siblings include Delorean, Magic Kids, Girls, not to mention her touring buddies, Jónsi of Sigur Ros and the XX. Not too shabby. And neither is her Enya-like qualities, traversing moods of tranquility and purely divine sounds. You may hear the nostalgic use of the Woodstock Chimalong (typically seen in daycare and preschool centers), and tribal beats and clapping, here and there. Yet, it is the synth, orchestral element and drifting vocals–in a folklore tradition–that brings it to life.

Let her seduce you into her air of entrancement. Oh, and if you happen to be in the States, don’t forget to check out her US tour dates starting September 29th this year on her Myspace. Rumor has it, Mesirow dishes out a visual treat from her uniquely designed outfits to a meticulously planned performance, accompanied by a dance troupe called Body City. For now, give yourself a treat for your ears. Enjoy.

Listen to “Home” Here

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