Garance Vallée Imaginary interior project

Garance Vallée : The Search of the Beautiful

Garance Vallée is a French multidisciplinary artist. She is part of the new generation of young creatives who are freeing themselves from traditional standards and have hundreds of followers on social media. She graduated in architecture, but she expresses her artistic vision through drawing, painting, objects and scenography.

Based on her singular aesthetic, she develops an experimental and fun approach. Her sketches become shapes experimentations, hybrid objects or spaces with Ancient Greek and modernist influences.

Garance Vallée Imaginary interior project

Garance Vallée Terra Installation

She was first noticed by Martina Gamboni, founder of the brand consulting agency Strategic Footprints. She invited her during Milan Design Week in 2018 to create a unique space. This is where Garance Vallée imagined « Terra », an organic and dreamy interior design project conceived for a meeting room. She focused on the connections between men and nature. She conceived everything by hand, from painted wall, to the wood furnitures, concrete objects and carpet.

Recently she created a set design for the winter campaign of the Replica fragrance from Maison Margiela. She also collaborated with Nike to re-interpret the Blazer sneaker.

Garance Vallée Terra Installation

Garance Vallée Vivetta

set design Garance Vallée

Garance Vallée Portrait

Photo credits : Garance Vallée, Matia Lotti and Benjamin Guedj