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Blurring The Lines Between CGI and Physical Reality

A short fashion video blurring the lines between CGI and physical reality. The creative concept themed on the hyper-real, plays with the idea of physical and digital becoming one.

In this personal project, creative ‘life’ director Eva Kubickova Rodrigues explored VFX and motion tracking and wanted to dive deeper into the possibilities of merging CGI images with real-life video footage.

First, she aimed to create picture-perfect 3D representation of real existing sunglasses from FW19 collections of several contemporary brands. During the video shooting, the sunglasses were never actually put on the model’s faces. In order to achieve a seamless blend of the CGI imagery with the video footage, impeccable motion tracking and compositing was essential and required a fair amount of experimentation. Apart from that, the piece made me brush up my skills in modeling, texturing and video editing.

Art Direction & CGI: Eva Kubickova Rodrigues
Make-up: Valeria Strekalovskaya
Hair: Michal Houska
Models: Jan Musil and Olesya Sydorenko @ Elite Prague