Future Navigation: Teijin Group 100th Anniversary Project

For the TEIJIN GROUP 100th Anniversary Project, jointly presented by Kitchen&company, Mikata, and WOW. The announcement of “FUTURE NAVIGATION” as a global message.

At the same time, they are establishing “THINK HUMAN PROJECT,” and pursue the “Improvement of QOL of humans in the future” through nine experimental projects.

WOW agency was in charge of the production and creation of TVCM and OOH as part of the announcement of “FUTURE NAVIGATION.” In order to express this project, in which TEIJIN tried to rethink humanity from new and multiple perspectives, they constructed visuals and a story based on the idea to break the general one of humanity down to unknown.

What distinguishes humans from “things”? How do humans interact with the environment? What does it mean for humans to live like humans? It is a creation that challenges these questions, which have no clear answers, through various areas and expressions. We have aimed to create a quirky yet beautiful world boldly and delicately by reconstructing a sensitive motif.