Future Future: A New Type of Japanese Restaurant [Melbourne]

Filtered through Australian consciousness with an homage to Japanese street style culture, Future Future is a new eatery in Melbourne dedicated to serving bespoke yet accessible Japanese cuisine. Opened in an old Richmond art gallery, Olaver Architecture has transformed the space into a refined and cool dining experience with unexpected quirks. =

The space takes cues from Japanese culture in both its architecture and menu, typifying the notion of wabi-sabi with its eclectic layering of styles, materials, old and new.

The verticality of the logotype reflects the orientation of Japanese script with the repetition of the word ‘Future’ in the name meaning that it can also be read backwards as per Japanese custom as well.

The menus were kept intentionally simple. The chopstick sleeves and placemat menus feature a white ink gradient on translucent stock; a contemporary twist on Japanese paper.

They worked closely with Olaver Architecture to develop innovative chrome-plated 3D printed lettering on the main front windows. The verticality of the logotype can be seen reflected throughout the space such as in the lighting.

The signage and contemporary architecture combine together with the old heritage facade to create a distinctly Japanese and Melbournian feel. The chrome patterned graphics on the windows serve two functions; to control the amount of light filtering into the space particularly in summer, and to create a subtle but interesting branding presence through shadows throughout the interiors.

Design team: Suzy Tuxen and Veronica Lee.
Architecture and interiors by Olaver Architecture.
Signage by Premier Graphics.
Ceramics by Studio Arhoj.
Photography by Josh Robenstone.
Website Film Photography by Ebby Amir.
Website Development by Olivier Michelet and Alex Chavet.