Fresh Magazine by Darigold Farms

Recently we were sent an issue of Fresh Magazine. I had never heard of it before, but it quickly drew me in. The magazine merges two worlds that we love at Trendland, Food and Photography. But perhaps what makes it most appealing is the concept behind this publication sponsored in full by Darigold Farms.

Four years ago Northwest farm Darigold gave Armstrong Studios a carte blanche to produce a magazine that encompassed the farms philosophy. A pretty rare opportunity, if you ask me. Armstrong Pitts Studios created Fresh magazine from a thought that a single image could not convey Darigold’s commitment to delivering the highest quality product.

“From the start, I wanted to feature the real hero of the company – the cows,” says E.J. Armstrong. “We approached this project differently than most as we wanted to ensure the vision was consistent from start to finish. The whole studio was involved.” In addition to shooting each volume cover-to-cover, the studio managed the entire creative process. Assembling a team of designers, food writers as well as staffing a print production manager to be on press to ensure accurate color reproduction.

It is an all around mouthwatering pleasure looking through this publication. Whether it is for a bit of culinary inspiration, to enjoy beautifully styled photographs or to read about farm culture the magazine holds a timeless relevance that is worth collecting.

One of things that surprised me most about this product was that behind this beautifully curated and produced love project by a photo studio was a huge dairy mogul’s desire to market itself in a highly aesthetic manor. I would love to see more of this kind of marketing from huge corporations.






We now have all four volumes!

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