petra island for sale

Frank Lloyd Wright: Petra Island for Sale

Written by Guest Blogger Marta Baniukiewcz

Frank Lloyd Wright – a name that speaks for itself in the realms of architecture and modernity. One of his houses, along with an entire 11-acre Petra island went recently on sale. Located only 47 miles from New York City it offers a great getaway to a quiet landscape and a man-made shelter. The residence is 5000-square foot big and includes a guest cottage and an artist studio. As in the architects’ other works, it shows the unity of nature with the building by joining the two together (even literally in some cases).

In this private retreat the one-floor structure of the house emerges onto the water and sits on the massive shore rocks. The same rocks can be found immensely invading into the interior of the spacious and open design. Woodwork in the house from African mahogany, 200-year-old beechnut trees in the surroundings and a helipad on the roof, the residence has it all.

available for purchase on AHALIFE