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Video: Bjork – Mutual Core

Written by Guest Blogger Marta Baniukiewcz

Bjork’s latest video to the song Mutual Core is a crazy vision of an eruption used as a metaphor to show the intimacy between people. This Icelandic-born signer turned one more time to her home country, taking inspiration from the volcanic activity of the terrestrial of Iceland.

The geological processes are not the only references to the environment in her latest work, the album is called Biophilia and it includes songs such as “Dark Matter” or “Virus”. Originally commissioned by MOCA, the video is a creative project with a very strong visual narrative. Bjork wearing heavy make-up, a blue wig and a sparkling top is shown as half-buried in the quicksand. The puppets imitating rocks fly around and above her, changing shapes and erupting. Already with the reading of a title “Mutual Core”, there is a reference to the deep unity of the two. The rocks are “kissing” with their colorful tongues, eruptions appear throughout the video and magma spills out of a structure resembling a face, everything is closed by a final explosion at then end.

Some say it is a geological porn, some take it as a great portrayal of sensuality and emotion. Again, Bjork has shown her unconventionality with a gist of oddity put into a beautiful creative concept.

Bj?rk – “Mutual Core” Official Music Video

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

Reykjavik Unit:

Producer: Árni Björn Helgason
Director of Photography: August Jakobsson
Production Designer: Gus Olafsson
Hair & Makeup Artist: Frida Maria Hardardottir

Los Angeles Unit:

Director of Photography: Laura Merians
Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler

VFX Executive Producer: David Lyons
Lead CG Supervisor: Michael Ranger
Lead Compositor: Lindsey Fry
FX Technical Director: Nico Sugleris

Director’s Rep: LARK Creative