Florrie: Call of the Wild

      1. Call Of The Wild

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Wild animalistic, magnetic attraction is one way to feel about this track here. Electro-punk, 50’s, jungle rock. A person could lose sleep over a song like this. Florrie madly drums and sings her way through it–no drum machine for this girl. She mumbles, roars, scats, and whispers  her call of the wild, her mating call, seducing all listeners to dance their hang-ups away. The song-writer, as well as guitarist, has traveled her 21-year-old booty from Bristol, England to all over the place with her self-remixes, drum-sticks, and mic in hand. She’d like to gain fans all over before signing herself to a label. Done and done.

Florrie has had the pleasure of releasing three tracks, “Panic Attack,” Fascinate Me,” and Come Back to Mine feat. Moguai” with contemporary French disco guru, Fred Falke–a major influence for her explosive sounds. The beautiful, blond bombshell is no terror for the camera (see photo) and this song off her down-loadable EP (her music is free for fans) seems beyond her years. In her words, “It’s the ‘Call of the Wild’ and I’m comin’ for more…”