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4th and Bleeker : [Built on Blogspot – Based in NY] More like a diary, she shoots auto-portraits of herself. Definitely the hottest of all of the Blogspot girls.


Fashion Toast: [Built on Blogspot – Based in San Fransisco] Cute fashionsita, who loves herself and has quite the following of girls who agree. Showcasing mostly pictures of herself, Rumi has build quite a big following. She is starting to be ‘Celebrity Blogger’ as well.


The Knight Cat: [Built on Blogspot – Based in NY] Cool images, great for inspirations, articles are sourced but never linked ( that kind of sucks! )


Because im addicted : [Built on Blogspot – Based in LA] Geri has just been asked by Lucky Mag to guest blog for the month of August


Le Fashion :  [ Built on Blogspot – Based in LA] Some great inspirational random images – Cool outfit ideas for you girls. Also most of the pics & articles are sourced but no links ! (whats up with you girls !?)

There is tons of other Fashion Blogs on the web, we may do an other post with more reviews…And if you want us to check or review yours, just comment under with a link to your site…

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