Christoper Griffith’s Still Life Photography

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Christopher Griffith went from biochemistry to genetics to photography. Did you catch that jump? Life is  all about those moments in your life when something deep inside of your gut is telling you to take a completely contrasting path, listening to it, and it becoming your reality. It’s one of those things you can not even seek counsel on because generally it is so far outside the limitations of the path you have thus far created that ‘the feeling’ is enough to run with. Griffith seems to be a classic example of that and perhaps in some bias way that draws me even closer to his work…

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Though I live and breathe fashion there is something about properly composed still life’s that fascinates me even more at times. I can definitely see Griffith’s background in bio chemistry in a lot of theses works, each still life is perfectly tailored as though it would not function any other way. Be sure to check out his entire portfolio and his books. See more on Christopher Griffith’s website.

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