Fashion Blogs We love

Here is a showcase of some of our favorite Fashion Blogs, the ones we regularly check and read…

Refinery 29 : Pipeline [ Built on a custom platform – Based in NY ] The Refinery girls scan the web everyday and write about what’s cool and hip, mostly for the female demo. They review upcoming designers, must haves, editorials, sample sales and tip you on what to buy and where to shop! They also have really detailed shopping guides and plenty other fashion related features… Ladies if you love fashion, this is a great one to check!


Dazed Digital : [Built on a custom platform – Based in London] Dazed Digital is the online version of fashion/design/art magazine Dazed & Confused. A great resource for keeping in the know about upcoming designers (mostly British and European), as well as all the European runways, accessories brands and editorials. A must check ! : [Built on a custom platform – Based in NY] Obviously you should know it! Owned by Conde Nast (Conde Net), the home of Vogue US. This fashion Mecca is filled with exclusive photos of every single fashion show – designer by designer, trends & shopping, parties and everything you should know about fashion…

And do not miss the mens section (Digital Home of Details & GQ Magazine) reviews the latest news in runways, trends, gadgets and culture for the sartorialist man…


Fashionologie : [Built on Onsugar platform – Based in NY] Covers all the fashion industry’s latest news/gossip, really informative and well linked – If you want to know whats up with your favorite model or designer then go on Fashionolgie –

the fashionisto

The Fashionisto : [Built on a WordPress Platform – Based in California ] Covers all the latest menswear news – models, editorials, runway, brands, and lookbooks. Guys, if you are into fashion or are interested in changing or update your style, this site is for you. Go onto The Fashionisto to get inspired –


The Cut (NY Mag) : [Built on a custom platform – Based in NY] Of course you have the big ones like The Cut or The Moment (below). The Cut is the fashion capsule of the New York Mag – Reviewing Fashion blurps, news and gossips on designers, shows, models…and so on, pretty much like a newspaper on fashion but online. A great way to stay in tune.


The Moment (NY Times) : [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in NY] The Moment from T Magazine is the fashion extension of the New York Times. A more intellectual view on fashion, with great reviews and more in-depth articles.


Hint Mag : [Built on a custom platform – Based in NY] A beautiful Fashion publication with a great newsletter reviewing fashion designers, models, parties, and beauty; everyone is here.


Fashion 156 : [Built on a TypePad platform – Based in London] Another great fashion blog with a lot of reviews on up and coming fashion designers, London’s parties, trends and accessories, with specials features and plenty of other fashion details…


Hypebeast: [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in NY/LA] Another Mecca, but this time for specifically for Streetwear related gear, all the latest sneakers, brands, toys, exhibits – featuring news from Japan and all over the world. A multi-guest blogger platform where the most influential Streetwear minds contribute. ( In the same category check also HighSnobiety and SlamxHype ) –


JC Report :  [Built on a Drupal platform – Based in NY] Great fashion reviews, interviews and party pics – beautiful newsletter as well.


Fashionising :  [Built on a custom platform – Based in Melbourne] Celebrity styles and latest Trends, fashion editorials, campaigns  and all kinds of fashion news, Fashionising is a great source for fashion & trend inspirations –


Selectism : [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in Berlin & NY] An other great multi blogger publication for men, latest watch, shoes, perfumes or tie…A must check for the groomed male.


Style Bubble : [Built on a TypePad platform – Based in London] – Susie Bubble was one of the first to showcase pictures of herself in fashion outfits, ‘Celebrity blogger’ invited to fashion shows, she is also guest-contributor for Dazed Digital. Style Bubble is always doing some great in-depth fashion reviews on upcoming fashion designers and must haves…100% for women.


Definitive Touch : [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in Canada] For Men – Clothes, cosmetics, photography and gadgets –


Kempt : [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in NY]  Fashion news for Men. A blog dedicated to the interesting, scandalous, useful and cutting edge in the world of men.


RduJour : [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in the US] Celebrity, celebrity and celebrity style…


Bored And Beautiful : [BuilT on a WordPress platform – Based in Germany] Not updated daily, but you can find some good articles and reviews when it is. Have a little taste of fashion from Germany –


Fashion Indie: [Built on a WordPress platform – Based in NY] News, editorials, forum, video, campaigns,models and more…


Fashion Copious: [ Built on a TypePad platform – Based in NY ] News, editorials, campaigns,models and more…

There is more… change page below

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