25 Cool Monster Costumes in Dan Black’s Music Video

In this cool music video for Dan Black’s “Farewell” feat. Kelis, French director-duo Chic & Artistic, used 25 monsters to illustrate the song’s theme of memory. Each monster is a unique, original creation, made using multiple techniques, including the recycling of materials. They are designed to represent the distorted memories of a relationship, the half forgotten moments, the amplified details. A key lyric for them was “The way we were, now just a dream”. The people we meet and the history we live all lead up to the person we now are. The strobing animation effect is supposed to visualise the strobing nature of recollection.


“Farewell” is the fourth song from the Black’s new album “Do Not Revenge”- 12 songs / 12 experiences. These 12 experiences are to be revealed over the coming weeks on a dedicated website, with each one having a countdown to its online date of release, finishing with the final full album release in June. They will all ultimately combine to make an audiovisual jigsaw or mini-universe to explore.