Sculpted Vases by Handmade Industrials

Handmade Industrials is a Dutch brand of experimental industrial design founded by complementary couple Rutger de Regt and Marlies van Putten. During Milan Design Week 2017, they showcased their latest collection ‘Impose’, based on Make&Mold technique. By using a flexible mold and bio-degradable polymer granules, the hand sculpted vessels and vases develop their own language through beautiful patterns and colors. Letting the material grow and live during the manufacturing process, the organic shapes are seeking out intuitively their own identity. All objects are unique and show a poetic reflection on the contradictions between craft and industry.

« Our focus is on developing flexible fabrication processes that can produce unique objects as a result of direct manipulation. We seek to discover and expose the ideas and significance of the processes and materials we work with. Such organically conceived objects have an intrinsic and natural integrity despite being manufactured. Integrity of relationship between manufacture and object enhances the clarity of the object’s role as a reflection of, and way to understand, the culture that produced it. »

Photography by Ilco Kemmere & Amon Croes