Elliot Wilcox’s Courts

elliot wilcox courts photography

Elliot Wilcox’s series entitled “Courts”  is an in depth visual study of indoor playing courts. His abstracted framing of the courts turns something that would never be percieved as art into art in its purest form. Wilcox reinterprets these spaces into meccas of graphic balance and symmetry. “Much like a gallery space is missed to the artwork, the space of these courts is missed to the sport. These large format images are slow and deliberate. The non-judgemental image creates an experience to explore, a path to revealing the unnoticed and exposing the unexposed, consequently romanticizing the courts.” I am absolutely taken aback by these images, its like seeing the abstract expressionism of Mark Rothko for the first time. So Refreshing!

elliot wilcox-Squash 02elliot wilcox-Sticke 01

elliot wilcox-Real Tennis 05

elliot wilcox-Real Tennis 02

elliot wilcox-Squash 01

elliot wilcox-Rackets 01

elliot wilcox-Real Tennis 04

elliot wilcox-Rackets 03

elliot wilcox-Real Tennis 01