Beach Trend / Inspiration by Massimo Vitali


Every so often, we go into our archives looking for a particular artist only to realize we haven’t covered him or her, and even though Massimo Vitali has long been on our radar, we have yet to show our appreciation for this maestro of the camera lens. His work captures us and takes us away to the best places possible. Vitali shoots every single detail in high resolution with a large-format film camera. His expert treatment of depth and field make for dynamic, inviting compositions, often full of light, water and sun. Nothing quite compares to seeing the pieces, up to 6 feet wide, in person, when one can fully take in the exquisite attention to detail.  We always look to his stylish palette for standard setting color. Here is the amazing beach photography of Massimo Vitali, but when I dig a little bit it reminds me a lot of some of the Prada prints from their Spring 2010 runway!







PS: I let his site as background music, cause I LOVE the beach sound…

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