Draped Anonymous Women by Patty Carroll

Earlier this month The Cut featured a really beautiful photo series titled, “Anonymous Women” by Patty Carroll.


Carroll started working with drapes in 2003 but the root of the concept seems to have been evolving in her mind for years. One part inspired by her years living in England where the first thing she noticed were the elaborate drapes that dressed the windows of every home, and one part an influenced from the nuns in catholic school where she spent twelve years.

Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-3

Each drape and tapestry tells a different story.

Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-10

“A lot of the pictures, to me, are like portraits of different kinds of women. The lady in stripes is a very different type of woman than the one with many different flowers,”

says Carroll.

Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-2 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-5 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-4 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-6 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-7 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-8 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-9 Patty-Carroll-Draped-Anonymous- Women-1

To read the full article and interview with Patty Carroll, visit www.nymag.com

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