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Dorj & Subculture Sounds : Waiting For The Crown EP

On ‘Waiting For The Crown’ we listen as the journeys of London based producer Subculture Sounds and Tel Aviv singer-songwriter, Dorj converge.

Made over three months in a dusty apartment in downtown Tel Aviv, this unlikely collaboration brings together two artists from very different musical backgrounds. 


Dorj is an artist on the brim of a wave of young, forward thinking songwriters from Tel Aviv like Asaf Avidan. Subculture Sounds, an established figure in London’s tropical and Hip Hop party scenes, has built a reputation for fusing electronic music with global sounds from the Balkans to Latin America and is also one half of Zane Lowe, Majestic and Rob Da Bank’s hot-tipped London Hip Hop duo, Subcultue Sage.


Dorj soulfully broods to sounds that meander from electronic folk to Saharan desert blues and hip hop. A steady stream of local musicians visited to session on the project, which has resulted in a stunning and surprising infusion that pulls at your heart strings, positioning itself within the line of thoughtful electronic music. From a cluttered room on the top floor of a Tel Aviv apartment block, Dorj and Subculture Sounds capture the inner conflict of the struggle for purpose and place.


The EP is being released on Twisted Hearts Records and will be free to download below.