The Fragrance Lab at Selfridge’s


The shopping experience is changing rapidly these days.


Fragrance Lab at Selfridges is a fascinating concept where customers’ habits, preferences, tastes and physical interactions are used to develop a personalised service or product.


This is a glance into the future of in-store retailing, developed by Campaign and The Future Laboratory in London. The concept won two awards in the ISG Retail Week Interior Awards 2014.


The lab welcomes customers to weave through an enchanting series of interactive zones and the store’s iconic windows, creating a 15-minute journey to delve into outer reaches of scent and to explore the essence of one’s self. The journey round off with a fragrance by the industry-leading sensory experts, Givaudan perfumers, with the alchemy informed by the stimuli and answers to the questions the consumer experiences along the way.


This is an enthralling alternative to screen based online shopping, as the fragrance Lab invites the consumer’s physical presence and offers a more meaningful consumer practice.






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