Digitalism: Forrest Gump

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      1. 05 Forrest Gump

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Das Germans are at it again, bringing the dance into your pants. The electro duo partnered up with many talented folks for their newest EP, I Love You, Dude, including Julian Casablancas–front-man of the Strokes–featured in “Forrest Gump.” The album’s official release, June 21st, came to the rescue of Digitalism synth-obessed fans still drooling over their 2007 banger, Idealism. This time around, they’ve integrated more pop-influenced styles, and a few more songs with lyrics, catering to those who need them, which–let’s face it–the majority of people enjoy having for the sole purpose of singing along.

What hasn’t changed is Digitalism’s ability to produce a jam-packed and weekend worthy track. Enjoy.