Diane Tuft’s Saturated Landscapes

Photographer Diane Tuft captures both the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Since 1998, she has worked with specific cameras, films and techniques to capture light at the near-infrared and near-ultraviolet ends of the spectrum. Such wavelengths are just above and just below our visual range; making it impossible to per-visualize the result of these photographs. Besides the technique that goes into creating her photographs, the ultraviolet work requires a great deal of research and travel in order to find locations and conditions in which ultraviolet light is occurring.

Tuft will be exhibiting her Aftermath series at Marlborough Gallery in New York from March 20- April 21, 2012. This series features a culmination of her work in Iceland, shortly after the volcanic eruption 2010. You can really see the effects of global warming and ozone depletion through the vivid and saturated colors or

Diane Tuft/ Aftermath
Marlborough Gallery / March 20 – April 21, 2012
40 West 57th St., NY, NY 10019

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