Diamond Rings: I’m Just Me


      1. I'm Just Me



Bjork, Austra, and Prodigy addicts, gear up for a new dose of electronic emotions with Diamond Rings, as John-O and hot shot producer, Damian Taylor drop a fresh line of tracks with Free Dimensional (out 10/23 on Astralwerks). The album featuring its first single, “I’m Just Me,” enters nomad’s land as lyrics and sound divulge the magnetic oddities of this Canadian sensation for his timbre and technique.


With his weighted baritone vocals (think Matt Berninger of The National), John-O transcends what might otherwise translate as post-punk techno into a new wave of big tempo under rock over dance culture paradise. Intense? It is. Honest and penetrating, Diamond Rings hammers this hit and gets your groove. Tap in and track their tour dates as they team up with indie biggies, Stars, in September and don’t miss John-O in the tour kickoff August 13 in LA.