oliviervanherpt d printed recipients

Designing at the Intersection of Digital and Analogue

Imagine creating a world without limitations, a world where imperfections were celebrated for their uniqueness. This is what the work of Eindhoven graduate Olivier Van Herpt aspires to.

he young industrial designer imagined a machine that can produce larger shapes and work with materials beyond conventional plastics, a 3D printer where the textures, surfaces, shapes and sizes can be varied. Using material such as clay, and paraffin, Van Herpt produces 3D printed copper and earthed colored recipients. Every piece produced by his industrial machine is singular, evocative of an artisan’s work with its random imperfection.

olivier vanherpt d printing ceramics

olivier vanherpt d printing ceramics overview

olivier vanherpt adaptive manufacturing d print

olivier vanherpt ceramic d printer sound

oliviervanherpt d printed recipients

Written by Joelle Firzli