Dean Quinn F/W 2012

Written by Guest Blogger Michele llanos

Upon entering Dean Quinn’s F/W 2-12 presentation at Milk Studio, I immediately felt a welcome rush of fresh air blast through my senses. It was as if I had awakened from my winter hybernation in a crisp canvas of shocking, bright brushstrokes saturating Quinn’s clean, modern, silhouettes.
Quinn, a Central St. Martins graduate has worked with a variety of designers, from Zandra Rhodes to Donatella Versace to ThreeAsFour. One can see threads of these iconic fashion houses running through his aesthetic. Through his meticulous construction, attention to detail, unabashed use of color and luxe fabrics, Quinn’s  woman is one who knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. The beautiful touches of the zipper hardware, perfectly placed, are an ode to her power and strength which stem from her innate femininity, and her understanding the importance of the delicate interplay of these qualities.
Down to the last detail, his shoes, both stilettoed and flat, with hardware by jeweler Zena Kahn, (who also designed the zippers in the dresses), were the perfect fit with this gorgeous, carefully edited collection.
Last season his pieces, which sold exclusively at Barneys,  sold out immediately. Not at all surprised, this is a designer with a very bright future.