Daniel Arsham’s 3D Work

You may remember Daniel Arsham’s work after our last Armory show highlights. Arsham is an artist in an architect’s world. Although he majored in art, most of his friends are architects, his pieces show his love for form and structure, and he’s even one-half of architecture firm Snarkitechture with Alex Mustonen. In the realm of art, however, Daniel puts his own spin on things, making architecture move in ways it normally shouldn’t. He uses plaster gauze, foam, rubber, and paint to create works that wrinkle, bend, erode, and even wrap themselves over other objects.

“They’re not doing what walls do,” says Daniel in an interview in MIAMI Modern Luxury. “Things are either falling apart or coming together. It’s intentionally undefined—what at first seems so solid, like a wall can be manipulated.”

More information at www.danielarsham.com