Armory 2011 Highlights

: Daniel Arsham :

Last Friday I spent a few hours going gallery to gallery at The Armory Show (NYC). As all trade fairs, it is always overwhelming and you have to pick your battles to stay sane and reach your goal. I did all of Pier 94, the contemporary wing. I think the piece that resonated most with me in the show was the one above by Daniel Arsham. The American sculptural artist

has some really amazing installation pieces which we will explore in more detail soon. Below are more highlights from the show.

: Michael Samuels :

Michael Samuels considers himself a painter, only he does not use brushes and paint. The mix media deconstructive work of Samuels uses retro furniture to create these beautifully  abstracted structures, often infused with some neon light. I absolutely love them.

: Damian Ortega :

We have featured Damien Ortega’s work in the past (see here), but this actually reminded me a lot of a photographic series called “Manufactured Totems” by Alain Delorme which we also featured in the past.

: Leon Vranken :

Belgian artist Leon Vranken was trained as an architect, and you can clearly see this in his skyscraper-like wood sculptures, made of stacked geometric shapes.

: Sam Moyer :

Through Sam Moyer’s large work light becomes the brush. He challenges the absence and the void with their perfect opposites.

: Patrik Aarnivaara :

Patrick Aarnivaara’s Seven Persons Incomplete and Contradictory Perception is a commissioned wood and Plexiglass sculpture based on a movie scene where seven people around a dinner table become witnesses to a murder at the Savoy Hotel. The sculpture can be thought of as a sculptural diagram of the fragmentary impressions of these seven individuals about the event.

: Ingo Gunther :

Ingo Günther makes globes. Beautiful, graphic globes that help people visualize social, political and environmental issues. There were a series of 5 exhibited and they were all sold to the same fella by the time I made my way to them.

: Remy Markowitsch :

I love goats! Even creepy ones.

: Denise Grunstein :

: Asta Groting :

: Gabrielle Basilico :

I just really liked this group of photos by Gabrielle Basilico juxtaposing chairs and the marks they leave on a bare bossom. Easy viewing!

: Hsin Chien Huang :

This piece was right up my alley as well, featuring the iconic face of Warhol and adding a layer of new media. The Taiwanese artist Hsin Chien Huang mobilized the eyes and mouth creating a really dynamic experience.

: Heather Carson :