Wei Ting Liang: Reveal- The Inner Self Collection

Here is the collection of Taiwanese designer Wei Ting Liang for her 3rd year final project, at the Ecole de la Chambre Synidcale de la Couture Parisenne (one of the most prestigious Couture schools in the world), she created this very futuristic collection entitled Reveal- the Inner self. Watch her fashion film below.

Her collection makes me think of two other fashion students we reviewed in the past : Julia Krantz & Amy Thompson

White symbolizes death, it’s a necessary passage towards a new world. We return back to original, back to zero. We remove those that hide us, without any exterior decoration, we reveal the true inner self of individual. Hence, we are reborn.

Shooting concept
1. To implicate the process of removing the exterior shell and revealing the true inner self.
2. From blur to clear

Props Concept
Surgery Room

Hair Style Concept
Braids mimicking intestines

The series of photos and the motion image are the collaboration work with Reactive Creative Co., Ltd, a Taiwanese creative agency, Liang Su, a Taiwanese Photographer, and Cicada Film Studio

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