“Dandy” Exhibition at Nordiska Museet

What is a dandy? What does he look like? Some say a dandy is a particular person. Others say a dandy is a way of life. The key to finding a dandy lies in the details. There they look at the dandy from every possible angle. Swedish design studio Form Us With Love created the merchandising/interior for the “Dandy” exhibition at Nordiska Museet, Stockholm. Trying to determine who are the modern Dandies? Perhaps the “metrosexual” are the modern dandy?

Who’s your Favorite?

Tailor Frederik Andersen, fashion researcher Rickard Lindqvist, journalist Olaf Enckell, stylist Lalle Johnson, author Björn af Kleen, designer Göran Sundberg and shop owner Christian Quaglia offer their own unique interpretations:

Lalle Johnson

Frederik Andersen & Rickard Lindqvist

Christian Quaglia

Göran Sundberg

Olaf Enckell

Björn af Kleen

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More info at www.formuswithlove.se & www.nordiskamuseet.se