Michael McDowell Hanging Air Plant Pods

Michael McDowell created these ceramic hanging air plant pods specially for air plants (Tillandsia) after discovering that Tillandsias will not survive in standing water and if water spills on their leaves it can harm them. For only $32 (without the plant) each pod is covered inside and out with a glossy white glaze and comes with a generous amount of natural hemp cord all ready to hang.

Because they are high fired, you can hang them outdoors as well but make sure to bring your air plants inside during cooler temperatures.

To secure the air plants he tucks a couple leaves inside if the bulb isn’t big enough to hang within the pod itself.

Each arrives gift packaged and makes the perfect house warming present. They look amazing individually or hung in groups! You can also display these right side up on a shelf or table just by taking the cord and hanger out.

All of the hanging air plant pods™ come with information about the pods as well as instructions on caring for air plants (even though air plants are not included with the pods).

More info at www.michaelmcdowell.com – Buy them here [$32]