ColeCo: Ricky Smiley


Mid week slump?

      1. Ricky Smiley



Yeah, I feel ya. Thankfully I have the recipe for your Friday blues. Classified as Nu-disco, Toronto music mixologist team ColeCo has tastefully re-mastered a mid 90s classic. Recognize the lyrics? Yup – Brandy. Don’t get me wrong, I was a HUGE Brandy fan back in day, but “I Wanna Be Down” isn’t necessarily a modern day dance floor thriller. On the contrary, ColeCo was able to turn this 90s flashback into an empowering feminine dance anthem, cheekily named “Ricky Smiley”. Why ColeCo would name an epic 90s remix after a morning talk-show host only adds to its mystique. The vocals are a bit misleading as well – very reminiscent of chords from the late, great Whitney Houston – which is what makes it that much better. The single has an amazing dance beat, echo-y vocals, and will definitely be on repeat in your head for the next week.

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Written by Dana Kelly