Coen Brothers’ ‘Easy Rider’- Inspired Super Bowl 2017 Commercial for Mercedes

I just came back few hours ago from a unique trip in the heart of Mercedes Design & Marketing headquarters in Stuttgart. They presented us in exclusivity their latest commercial for the Super Bowl 2017 where the legendary Peter Fonda come back for one more epic ride – this time with The Coen Brothers.

The minute-long spot, directed by the Academy Award-winning duo (their first in 15 years), is taking place in a Route 66 roadhouse where a bunch a bikers rally to honor Easy Rider as Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” anthem, plays out of a jukebox that only plays that song! The gorgeous commercial introduce Peter Fonda, who’s now driving a Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster instead of his classic chopper. “Nice rides,” Fonda tells the bikers, nodding toward their bikes as he jumps into his new ride of choice and speeds off… Watch below!


Antoni – Germany
André Kemper, Chief Creative Officer / Founder
Dr. Tonio Kröger, Managing Partner / Founder

Merkley + Partners – USA
Andy Hirsch, Chief Creative Officer / Chairman
Alex Gellert, CEO