Craftsmanship VS Machine by Anton Alvarez

Swedish-Chilean designer Anton Alvarez consecrated three years to tweak the ‘Thread Wrapping Machine’ project, a tool that ties up pieces of wood, steel or any material only by using glue-soaked yarn. No screws or nails are used to join each part of the furnitures. From this machine is born a set of products, with an boundlessness of different decorative patterns, whether threads color chosen.

In 2015, Anton starts a new machine project called the ‘The Extruder’, with the same intention of reinventing manufacturing process, but using clay instead of yarn. If ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ series may sounds like gelato, it also takes ten seconds to produce one, unique every time. As its predecessor, this machine allows many possibilities when adjusting machine settings.

Alphabet Aerobics: Photography by Michael Bodiam
The Extruder: Photography by Märta Thisner
The Craft of Thread Wrapping : Photography by Gustav Almestål

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