Class Actress: Keep You

Listen to “Keep You” here

      1. 01 Keep You


Brooklyn’s Class Actress, aka Elizabeth Harper, has made her return to Trendland striding on pure and clean-cut synth. Hypnotic to the point of sensual is her new album. Harper’s long-serving producer, Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal were invited back to maintain the refined production that her debut album, Journey of Ardency.

Although her 80’s electro-pop roots remain, this run around features a more sophisticated beat drop suitable for the charts, and an almost gothic grunge quality. Straight from the artist’s mouth, Class Actress is “Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as played on KTU Radio in the leather backseat of a cab.” Enjoy the ride, and stay on the edge of that leather backseat: Rapprocher officially releases in October.