OS Accessories

OS is a handcrafted accessories line based on bones. Inspired by beautiful tribal necklaces found during an out-of-town trip, three friends Paul Jatayna, Kat Medina, and AJ Omandac immediately got to work, learning how to make molds and create realistic-looking bone reproductions using polyurethane.

OS debuted its first 14-piece collection, Vol. 1, in the Philippines just six months ago. Now, pieces like Scapula, Tusk, and Vertebrae may not sound like your usual baubles. But the restrained design and natural off-white color make them surprisingly wearable. “We made sure the pieces could complement different styles, and that the line was more street than avant-garde,” says AJ.

“Bones tend to be associated with the primitive, but we believe that the raw beauty is extremely versatile. Combining it with industrial elements, like bolts, screws, and chains, OS provides unmistakable contemporary and completely wearable accessories—giving your style some teeth.”

Found on http://www.os-accessories.com.