‘CICLOTRAMA’ Rope Art by Janaina Mello Landini

Brazilian artist Janaina Mello Landini is known primarily for her large sculptural installations using string, rope and thread to create her intricate work. On first sight, Ciclotrama 20 (Wave) looks a lot like a tree branching out or perhaps like a network of blood vessels.

The actual idea behind the work is to create a feeling of tension and to illustrate an imagined network so perhaps the similarity to blood vessels connecting throughout the body is not coincidental. Everything is interconnected and ultimately connects to a whole. With this in mind, the work is an exploration of the many facets and roads we all have mapped out in our lives.

“The rope used is an object of the everyday world, only transformed by the action of undo and redo—unroll, divide and twist—and the time spent in this process is imprinted on the organic body of Ciclotramas.”

– Janaina Mello Landini

Participates in Ateliê Fidalga ( www.ateliefidalga.com.br ) since June 2013.
It is represented by Zipper Galeria ( www.zippergaleria.com.br) .